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  • Eid Mubarak
    Eid Mubarak
  • Bonuses
    There were many questions raised at the AGM about the Christmas donations being distributed evenly to all staff. Here are some things that the rest of the community might find interesting. In 2021, $5,000 was donated from residents to fund Christmas bonuses. In addition to the $5,000, $12,000 … Continue reading Bonuses
  • My Platform
  • Funky Numbers Forum Thread
  • Election Interference
    Expectation Actual 1 Candidates are locked in 30 days before the election.  Tim actively recruited a candidate after the deadline and injected him into the system closer to the AGM date than the Condo Act rules allowed. 2 Candidates offer their vision for improving radioCITY condos so that … Continue reading Election Interference
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Who we are:

Volunteer Owners

We are a volunteer group of residents and owners who provide arms-length oversight of the operations of the board, building management and contractors.

Every owner owns not only their unit, but has joint ownership of the common elements, the reserve fund and operating funds, and the services of contractors that maintain them.

Therefore, owners have a responsibility to understand how our property and money is being used, how our business is conducted, and how our investment is managed, and how our community grows and evolves.

Board Members

Randy Weinstein was elected to the board to fill the owner-occupied director position in 2021. As the owner-occupied director, Randy is responsible for understanding and advocating for the needs of the owners who live in RadioCITY.

What we do:


This site will post regular informational and conversational articles directed at those who live and own units at RadioCITY, independent of the board and management’s current communications protocols.


The condo corporation (all owners) have a legal obligation to keep adequate records, and condo owners have a right to verify these records at any time. We maintain a repository of documents obtained through formal requests via the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) and invocation of the CAO dispute mechanism, as well as documents sent by the board via paper or email, with an aim to augment the documents already available on the board’s own website.

Requisition Owner’s Meetings

Occasionally, owners need to request a meeting to discuss and vote on various topics. Without an organization like the RCOA, it is impossible to organize and collect enough signatures to make this possible. Owners are entitled to request a meeting and vote on:

  • Changes to the Condominium Rules
  • Removal and election of board members
  • Removal and appointment of our auditor
  • Substantial modifications to the common elements such as the courtyard, hallways, unit entry doors, balconies, landscaping, gym, cardio, entertainment rooms, board rooms and parking.

A Responsive Board

We will continue to run candidates for board elections who align with our guiding principals.


We ensure, to the best of our ability, that the board and management’s actions conform to the Condo Act, and are well communicated to the residents and owners, and are aligned with the needs and wants of the residents and owners.

Free Forums

Registered users have access to our free forums. Free as in “Free beer” but also free as in “Free speech”.

Surveys and Polls

We will regularly post polls with relevant questions to understand the wants and needs of our diverse crowd of residents and owners.

Where do we sit within the governing structure of RadioCITY Condos?

RadioCITY Condos Governance and Legal Framework


As we share financial and other sensitive information that is confidential to the condo corporation, this site has a stringent registration process. All users are verified against the most recent owners list provided by building management, or via photo ID verifying residency. Only registered owners get full site access!

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